Evidence-Based Policymaking Resource Center

A collection of resources and promising state and county examples

Evidence-Based Policymaking Resource Center

A collection of resources and promising state and county examples

In 2014, the Results First™ initiative developed a framework for state and county leaders interested in evidence-based policymaking. This framework consists of five key components to help governments use rigorous evidence and data to guide policy and funding decisions. This center contains resources regarding the five components of evidence-based policymaking, including briefs exploring their key elements, fact sheets highlighting best practices to approaching each one, and analyses of states and counties implementing them in their jurisdictions. State and local government leaders can use this resource center to explore new ideas, identify promising practices, and inform their own strategies for creating a more effective government. Below, please find links to these resources.

The Results First™ initiative, a project supported by The Pew Charitable Trusts and the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, authored the publications in this collection.

The five key components of evidence-based policymaking:

1. Program Assessment

Review public programs to understand their evidence base.

2. Budget Development

Use evidence of program effectiveness in budget processes to make more informed investment choices.

3. Implementation Oversight

Support effective implementation to ensure the benefits of evidence-based programs are achieved.

4. Outcome Monitoring

Measure and report outcome data to determine whether programs or priorities are achieving desired results.

5. Targeted Evaluation

Support impact evaluations of select public programs to learn what works.

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