Research Translation Platform

Providing an array of strategies for facilitating the use of research by decision makers from across government, industry and practice communities.

Research Translation Platform

Providing an array of strategies for facilitating the use of research by decision makers from across government, industry and practice communities.

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The Research Translation Platform is the scientific home for the study of translating scientific evidence for decision makers across government, industry and practice. This includes understanding the use of evidence in policymaking to prevent, reduce, and ameliorate social ills and promote societal well-being. ​

Research is translated for accessibility to policymaker and practice audiences through innovative modalities (e.g., policy briefs and fact sheets, agency outreach and engagement, frame analysis and messaging trials, podcasting, congressional briefings, and testimony).​ To improve research use, we build consultative relationships by first understanding decision maker goals before producing corresponding research materials and syntheses, resulting in productive partnerships.

Focusing on the science of science, dissemination, and engagement, ​The Platform is particularly interested in methods for improving the use of research evidence in legislative activities, rapid-cycle experimentation of scientific messages, and creating effective strategies to bridge the research and policy communities. ​

The Platform provides possibilities for partnership within the Penn State community as well as training opportunities for researchers at all professional levels regarding public policy engagement strategies and research translation for non-academic audiences.​

Research Translation Platform tools include the Evidence-to-Impact Podcast, the Results First resources, the Research-to-Policy Collaboration, and the Family Impact Seminars.

Results First™ Resources

Results First™ resources help states implement an evidence-based policymaking approach that allows them to better invest in policies and programs that are proven to work.

Research-to-Policy Collaboration

The Research-to-Policy Collaboration (RPC) works to bring together research professionals and public officials to support evidence-based policy.

Family Impact Seminars

The Family Impact Seminars—a series of seminars, discussion sessions, and briefing reports—provide state policymakers with nonpartisan, solution-oriented research on family issues such as after-school programs, children’s health insurance, early childhood care and education, juvenile crime, and welfare reform.


The Science Communication Optimizer for Policy Engagement (SCOPE) model leverages theory pointing to the need for research evidence to be relevant to current policy priorities and available in real time so that it can be used within discrete policy windows. The model uses continuous quality improvement to experimentally test strategies for increasing policymakers’ electronic engagement with research.

Evidence-to-Impact Podcast

The Evidence-to-Impact podcast series seeks to bridge the gap between academic research insights and real-world challenges by focusing on social topics that have tangible effects on the public in their everyday lives. Our episodes release monthly and can be found on your favorite podcast app.

Research Translation Platform Team

Emily Warthman

Director of Policy Operations, Research Translation Platform

Beth Long

Director of Research & Evaluation, Research Translation Platform

Rachel Storace

Associate Director of Program Operations, Research Translation Platform

Brittany Gay

Associate Director of Implementation Science, Research Translation Platform

Jessica Pugel

Associate Director of Insights and Analytics, Research Translation Platform

Stephanie Eddy

FIS Advisor, Policy Associate, Research Translation Platform

Laura Huber

Policy Associate, Research Translation Platform

Sarah Davis

Research Administrative Assistant, Evidence-to-Impact Collaborative


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