Alex Winters, B.S.

Alex Winters, B.S.

Alex Winters, B.S.

Systems Design Specialist, Evidence-to-Impact Collaborative (EIC)


Alex is the Systems Design Engineer for the Evidence-to-Impact Collaborative and designs, develops, and implements data solutions for researchers and project groups. These systems designed by Alex are instrumental in creating secure, fault tolerant, and effective solutions which accelerate and improve the project work of analysts, data scientist, and researchers. He holds a masters in Applied Statistics, as well as a dual B.A in Business Administration and Speech Communication, and is a lifelong learner of science, statistics, and all things data related. His expertise includes Python, cloud platforms, database management systems, and predictive modeling. He endeavors to create and advocate for the adoption of enterprise level cloud solutions within the greater researcher community.

Evidence-to-Impact Collaborative Team

Bethany Shaw

Assistant Director of Data Accelerator Compliance

Brittany Gay

Associate Director of Implementation, Research Translation Platform

Elizabeth Long

Director of Research & Evaluation, Research Translation Platform

Laura Huber

Administrative Assistant, Research Translation Platform

Emily Warthman

Associate Director of Policy Operations, Research Translation Platform

Laura Jana

Chief Innovation Officer, Evidence to Impact Collaborative


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