Yoon Sun Hur, Ph.D.

Yoon Sun Hur, Ph.D.

Yoon Sun Hur, Ph.D.

Assistant Research Professor, Evidence-to-Impact Collaborative (EIC)


Dr. Hur is an Assistant Research Professor at the Administrative Data Accelerator. She received her PhD in Applied economics from the University of Minnesota with expertise in applied microeconomics and development economics. Dr. Hur’s research interest pertains to the impact of policy intervention on the human capital accumulation and labor market outcome. Her research involves identifying the mechanism of influence from policy intervention on the household behavior such as investment to human capital and participation to labor market combining a rigorous applied microeconomics methodology.

Evidence-to-Impact Collaborative Team

Bethany Shaw

Assistant Director of Data Accelerator Compliance

Emily Warthman

Director of Policy Operations, Research Translation Platform

Beth Long

Director of Research & Evaluation, Research Translation Platform

Rachel Storace

Associate Director of Program Operations, Research Translation Platform

Jessica Pugel

Associate Director of Insights and Analytics, Research Translation Platform

Laura Jana

Chief Innovation Officer, Evidence to Impact Collaborative

Stephanie Eddy

FIS Advisor, Policy Associate, Research Translation Platform

Laura Huber

Policy Associate, Research Translation Platform

Sarah Davis

Research Administrative Assistant, Evidence-to-Impact Collaborative


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