Xueyi (Steven) Xing, Ph.D., MSPH

Xueyi (Steven) Xing, Ph.D., MSPH

Xueyi (Steven) Xing, Ph.D., MSPH

Assistant Research Professor, Evidence-to-Impact Collaborative (EIC)


Dr. Xueyi (Steven) Xing is the lead healthcare data analyst for the Administrative Data Accelerator. His academic focus include quantitative research methodology, GIS application, health data management, and Bayesian spatio-temporal analysis. Xueyi is interested in identifying the effects that health policies have on specific populations by utilizing health claim data. Xueyi received his Masters of Science in Public Health in Biostatistics and Ph.D. in Criminal Justice from the University of South Carolina.

Evidence-to-Impact Collaborative Team

Bethany Shaw

Assistant Director of Data Accelerator Compliance

Brittany Gay

Associate Director of Implementation, Research Translation Platform

Elizabeth Long

Director of Research & Evaluation, Research Translation Platform

Laura Huber

Administrative Assistant, Research Translation Platform

Emily Warthman

Associate Director of Policy Operations, Research Translation Platform

Laura Jana

Chief Innovation Officer, Evidence to Impact Collaborative


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